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Orrs Elementary, as you know, is the Griffin-Spalding County Schools' leader in character education. We’re proud of that, even as we realize that from here on, we must continue making character education a priority. Because you’re here, we know you care about children, as we do. We want to help them learn and grow, not only because they’re our future but also because they’re our responsibility—one we take on eagerly. 
Our mission is to provide the highest quality education and empower students to be college and career ready by working collaboratively with communities, schools and families. It is our vision to equip all studens to be prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century and thrive as productive citizens. 
Orrs' faculty and staff will do everything we can to enhance the lives of the children who pass through our doors.
Together, we can and do change lives for the better. May this year be one of our best years ever!
Click here to view a video of what a day of learning looks like at Orrs!

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