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Griffin-Spalding County School System

Volunteer Application Process

We appreciate your interest in the future of the Griffin-Spalding County School System’s students.

Please allow 7 to 14 business days for processing

Application Steps:

  • Step 1 Log on to our website
  • Step 2 Hover over the “I want to” tab.
  • Step 3 Scroll down to the “Volunteer” tab and click.
  • Step 4 From the Volunteer page you will choose “Volunteer Application.”
  • Step 5 From the Employment Application page you will “Start” the application
  • Step 6 Scroll down to the “Volunteers” section and choose Job ID # 1131
  • Step 7 The Criminal Background check form may be printed from the website o obtained from the school.  The online form is on the Volunteer page on the website.  It can be accessed by clicking “Volunteer Background Form”
  • Step 8 Take the completed Criminal Background check form along with $5.00 to the school.
Volunteer applicants will receive an email notifying them of approval status. 

** Please note that your approval is system wide regardless of what school your student attends.

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: