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Greetings, Orrs Parents, Scholars, Community Partners and Friends:

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year of holistic success at Orrs Elementary School.  We are committed to ensuring the growth of all scholars at Orrs and this can only be accomplished through the cooperative work of each and every stakeholder.  With this mindset, we must work daily to help our scholars exceed their academic and behavioral goals.   
To help us reach our collective goals, we must work together to:
- help scholars attend school daily, on time, ready to learn and share with others.  
- talk to scholars daily about their learning experiences and help them set and reach goals for academic and behavioral success. 
- regularly volunteer at school to help all Orrs scholars grow. 
- communicate regularly to ensure expectations for scholars are clear so they will take daily ownership of learning and behavioral outcomes.
- celebrate the growth of all scholars, staff and stakeholders as we strive for holistic success. 
As we invest in meeting these collective goals, Orrs scholars will succeed in exceeding their goals. 
Developing cooperative relationships with parents is essential for helping Orrs scholars become and remain successful.  Parents, I am looking forward to meeting each of you to learn about the goals you have for your scholar. Please feel free to stop by and share throughout the school year.  

Thank you for sharing in the cooperative work of educating Orrs scholars for holistic success.

Michael Mathis
Assistant Principal
Orrs Elementary School 

Focus on exceeding these goals will ensure scholars attend school daily, ready to receive knowledge and share their learning development experiences with others.  

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Michael Mathis

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