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Reading Is a Hoot!
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Come in and explore the awesome books that we have in the Orrs Media Center! 
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Orrs Media Center has been genre-fied!

When you visit the media center, you will see that the new bookcases and decorations are not the only things that have changed.   The media center has been genre-fied!  All chapter books are now color-coded and arranged according to genre.

Here are some of the benefits of genre-fying:
  • Students can find the books they want more easily.
  • Books are organized the way students look for them. This is also consistent with many bookstores.
  • We can instantly identify holes in our collection.
  • Shelving will be easier for our volunteers and student helpers.
  • After searching for books by genre, students should be able to easily define genre, one of the ELA standards.
  • When a student asks, "Where are all your scary books?" I can just point them to the correct section!
  • These genre guides are posted throughout the media center.


Scholastic Book Fairs:

Mark your calendars! Book fairs are in September, November, February, and April each year!
Volunteer Opportunities:
If you are interested in volunteering in the library, please send Miss McKinney an email or call to schedule a time.


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